GermLogic can help you disinfect and sanitize the air and surfaces around you, but now we can help keep your surfaces with advanced self-cleaning surfaces. Germs that get onto the hands of people can spread like wildfire when not washed off. Keeping high-touch points sanitized can reduce the spread of infections because:

  •  People frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without even realizing it. Germs can enter the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth and make people sick
  • Germs from unwashed hands can transfer to other surfaces and objects such as elevator buttons, door handles, and more  

With the steady concern surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus, keeping high touchpoint surfaces clean and sanitized is of the utmost importance. GermLogic offers a wide selection of self-cleaning surfaces including:

  •  Elevator Button Covers
  • Door Push Pads
  • Clear Film for Touchscreens
  • Wide-Door Push Bars
  • Door Push/Pull Handle Wraps
  • Door Handle Wraps
  • ADA Auto Door Push Button Skins
  • Light Switch Covers

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self cleaning film

Self-Cleaning Surfaces

self-cleaning elevator button covers
self-cleaning door push pads
self-cleaning film for touchscreens
wide door push bar self-cleaning pad

Elevator Button Covers

These clear button covers turn high traffic public elevator buttons into self-cleaning surfaces. Just peel and stick. Sold in sheets of 25 buttons.

Size: 0.9 dia.

Door Push Pad

Perfect for any push doors used in bathrooms, kitchens, and on entry/exit doors. 

Size: 6″ x 9″

Clear Film for Touchscreens

From restaurant kiosk checkout to ICU units in hospitals, this clear film turns any touchscreen into a continuously self-cleaning surface. Can be cut to fit any screen size. 

Sizes: 12″ x 18″ & 9″ x 12″

Wide-Door Push Bar

Great for horizontal tubular or square push bars on self-locking doors. 

PB05: 3.6″ x 12″

PB02: 4′ x 18″

self cleaning pull door pad
self cleaning door handle wrap
ada auto door push button skin

Door Push/Pull Handle Wrap

This perfect sized skin can be used on various touchpoints on both push and pull type doors. 

Size: 4″ x 9″

Door Handle Wrap

Wrap this self-cleaning pad around tubular door pull or push handles. 

Sizes: 4″ x 6″ and 3″ x 4″

ADA Auto Door Push Button Skin

Cover the panel of the ADA automatic door panel button with this self-cleaning skin. 

Size: 3.337″ x 3.3375″

Light Switch Covers

Self-cleaning light switch covers fit 1/4″ light switches. 

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to learn more about self-cleaning touchpads and how they can help sanitize high traffic touchpoints throughout your facility?

Reduce the threat of infection to your patients and staff by removing germs, including the airborne influenza virus, as well as allergens without chemicals.

Decrease the number of missed school days and help improve your students’ focus in class by capturing germs and asthma-related irritants.

Demonstrate strong value and care for your current and prospective residents by providing an environment with clean, odor-free indoor air.

Save upwards of $2,650 per employee, per year in decreased absenteeism. Eliminate the harmful compounds found in carpeting and cleaning products.

Provide an outstanding guest experience by eliminating airborne odors, germs, viruses and more that are brought in by the flow of people.

Remove odor through a carbon filter that does not introduce chemicals into the air to create a pleasant restroom experience for your patrons and staff.

Significant benefits for a wide array of industries.

GermLogic™ is a division of Pest Management, Inc., a family-owned company that has been serving customers since 1957. We are dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology to keep environments clean and are proudly NIDS Certified.