Decontamination Services for Athletic Facilities

 In the sports and fitness industry, outbreaks can break your business. Loss of your good reputation and lawsuits are just the tip of the iceberg in today’s germ-conscious world. You can protect your customers and your business with GermLogic’s suite of sanitation and decontamination services.

In today’s world, a thoroughly sanitized and disinfected athletic facility is a selling point you can’t afford to go without. People who spend time at gyms, locker rooms and university athletic departments want to know they can do so without fear of catching the latest virus spreading around town.

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Fitness Industry Challenges 

You work hard to keep your facilities clean, but in the sports and fitness industry, a regular cleaning schedule is unlikely to be enough, no matter how thorough your employees may be. Fungal infections, viruses, bacteria and accompanying foul smells have always been an issue in an industry known for close quarters, skin-to-skin and surface contact. The problem with typical daily cleaning is once the disinfectant dries, there is no protective ability, resulting in likely recontamination.

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How GermLogic Can Help

GermLogic offers sanitizing solutions for the sports and fitness industry by using modern disinfecting solutions that provide surface resistance to bacteria, viruses, fungi and more for months. From air to surface to hands, GermLogic has you covered. Our solutions destroy microbes mechanically and prevent breeding of superbugs while protecting against 99.99 percent of common illness-causing pathogens for up to 90 days.

We don’t provide simple cleaning services; we provide complete disinfecting services for athletic facilities. Our comprehensive services include ongoing facility checks and sanitization. GermLogic processed use advanced technology that is NIDS certified and already successfully used throughout the sports and fitness industry in Texas. We’ve worked with gyms, schools and universities including the University of Texas at Austin. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

GermLogic™ is a division of Pest Management, Inc., a family-owned company that has been serving customers since 1957. We are dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology to keep environments clean and are proudly NIDS Certified.