Medical Industry Disinfection Services

Disinfection and sanitization are critical in the medical industry.

Your facility – from the waiting room to the operating room – needs to be free of germs, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens that can infect and sicken your patients, caregivers, visitors and workers.

GermLogic provides high-quality, long-lasting disinfection, decontamination, sanitization and purification services to medical facilities. Our team of dedicated, trained professionals has the expertise, experience and equipment to make your medical facility healthy and safe for your patients, caregivers, residents, guests and employees.

GermLogic has nearly a decade of experience helping the medical industry disinfect, sanitize and decontaminate health-affirming and life-saving facilities of all kinds:

·       Hospitals ·       Ambulatory Care Providers
·       Clinics ·       Outpatient Surgery Facilities
·       Medical Groups ·       Allied Health Providers
·       Physician Offices ·       Dental Facilities
·       Blood Transfusion / Donor Centers ·       Assisted Living Facilities
·       Dialysis Centers ·       EMS Operations

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Medical Industry Challenges

The close proximity of patients and caregivers makes hospitals, clinics, labs and medical offices ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. And those potentially dangerous pathogens are stronger than ever: They travel faster, farther, and are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional disinfection techniques.

With so many people interacting in confined spaces over long periods, pathogens left unchecked in medical facilities and can be easily transmitted, making patients sicker and potentially affecting the presence and performance of your vital healthcare workers.

Additionally, healthcare and hospital sanitization regulations are constantly changing. Adhering to these guidelines and keeping you medical facility as sanitary as possible ensures patient and caregiver safety, boosts confidence among staff, patients and visitors, and enhances and your organization’s reputation.

How GermLogic Can Help

GermLogic offers high-quality medical disinfection & healthcare decontamination services in and around major Texas cities including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

Combining our trained and skilled technicians with advanced technology, GermLogic disinfects all areas in your medical facility, sanitizes all surfaces, and purifies the air. Our solutions destroy microbes, prevent breeding of superbugs, and protect against 99.99 percent of common illness-causing pathogens for up to 90 days.


GermLogic uses state-of-the-art UVC services that can kill airborne viruses effectively and efficiently in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Our UVC Mobile Room Sanitizing System uses high output ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy a wide range of microbes, including salmonella, C. diff spores, SSIs, VRE, STAPH, and HIV, on surfaces and in the air. Our high-performance, patented system decontaminates the air and surfaces in a 400-square foot patient room in only five minutes. Patients can reoccupy treated rooms immediately after application.

Our UVC mobile room disinfection system preventing Health Acquired Infections (HAIs) and providing an overall safer experience in your facility.


The air in medical facilities is rife with bacteria and viruses. GermLogic’s commercial air purification & filtration systems eliminate more than 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens, chemicals and odors.



GermLogic provides comprehensive disinfecting services for medical facilities. Our process uses advanced technology that is NIDS certified. We use safe cleansing products and advanced technologies, including:

  • Thermal Heat Remediation: Get rid of MRSA, E. Coli, mold, viruses, fungi and other bacteria by exposing them to high temperatures.
  • RTU Spray Solutions: These chemical disinfectants provide long lasting protection against bacteria and viruses by reducing presence and growth of microbe populations by up to 99.99%.
  • Lotions: Surgical scrubs, moisturizing lotions and antiseptic sanitizers provide hours of protection against bacteria, viruses and other germs, all while working to protect the skin from irritation. These medical-grade products keep hands clean and prevent illness from spreading – critical in the medical industry.

Expert Support

GermLogic consultants will provide customized guidance for your medical facility. We have provided high-quality disinfection and sanitization services for almost a decade. We are the official disinfection provider for athletic facilities at the University of Texas. GermLogic can ensure the high level of sanitation required to keep your medical facility clean, your healthcare staff safe, and – more importantly – your patients healthy.

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GermLogic™ is a division of Pest Management, Inc., a family-owned company that has been serving customers since 1957. We are dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology to keep environments clean and are proudly NIDS Certified.