Healthy Employees Help the Bottom Line

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When considering sanitation, the focus is often on the customer. Keeping customers safe, healthy and pleased with a product or environment is – and should be – a focus for many businesses. But the crucial elements of sanitation, health and safety policies for the sake of employees are sometimes overlooked.

Beyond The Customer: Sanitation for the Sake of Staff

Germs and bacteria are carried into all types of workplaces all of the time. These germs can include serious pathogens like influenza viruses, staph and E.coli. When these germs are spread around at work, serious illness and decreased job satisfaction can result, in turn causing major problems for the company’s financial success.

Each year, worker illnesses and the missed work days illnesses cause cost the economy and US employers over 500 billion dollars. While there will, of course, always be some illness, maintaining a safe, clean and healthy work environment can go a long way to helping staff safe and healthy themselves.

Think Outside the Box

Areas like bathrooms and staff kitchens tend to get the most attention when it comes to sanitation. And while these areas do need to be disinfected and kept tidy, there are other sanitation aspects that are important to health, but easy to overlook.

One such aspect is dust and dirt removal, a sanitation issue that can play a big role in the health of employees. Make sure ventilation systems and vacuums are working properly and filters are replaced as needed. When not properly maintained, ventilation systems can inadvertently spread illnesses, germs and bacteria through the air. Improperly filtered dust can also aggravate allergies by circulating allergens.

Vouch for Vaccinations

Beyond sanitation, another way to reduce germs in your business is to consider encouraging influenza vaccinations as flu season ramps up. Although many think that only the elderly and very young are at risk for serious flu reactions, working-age adults are not immune to severe cases of influenza. In fact, during the 2013-2014 flu season, adults between ages 18 and 64 accounted for nearly 60 percent of reported flu hospitalizations – accounting for a lot of missed days from a lot of workplaces. Hosting a vaccination clinic, or simply providing employees with info on the flu and how to get vaccinated can help increase vaccination rates and decrease the chance of the flu spreading around your staff this winter.

GermLogic’s sanitation products and services effectively destroy a range of serious pathogens – from flu viruses to staph bacteria. Contact us to learn more about how our services can help your business stay healthy and your staff thrive.

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Healthy Employees Help the Bottom Line

employees working