Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

Infectious outbreaks of a fungi, virus or bacteria at an athletic facility can lead to devastating consequences to members and athletes. The end result is a large financial cost to you to rebuild your reputation and community trust.

Be proactive by disinfecting your athletic facilities and protecting them from recontamination with GermLogic’s advanced technology and comprehensive services.

We provide sanitization services to:

  • Gyms
  • Outdoor Recreation Facilities
  • Locker Rooms and Showers
  • High School and University Athletic Departments
  • Health Clubs
  • Weight Training Areas and Equipment
  • Equipment, including: treadmills, cycling equipment, exercise mats, exercise balls
  • High-Touch Fixtures including water fountains and entrance facilities
  • Childcare Areas and Toys

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      Germs in Athletic Facilities

      Close-quarters, shared equipment and skin-to-skin or skin-to-surface contact are expected experiences in gyms and athletic departments. The result is an environment rife with the possibility of infection whether fungal, viral, or bacterial.

      Common Athletic Facility Issues

      • Athlete’s foot
      • Warts
      • Foul smells
      • Bacterial growth
      • Spreading viruses
      • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
      • Mold
      • Mildew

      It doesn’t matter how rigid your daily cleaning schedule is, when typical disinfectant dries, no protective ability remains and re-contamination is likely. Additionally, a spray and wipe regimen is unlikely to reach into all of the cracks and crevices of a typical athletic facility. Yet employees are given the frustrating job of trying to control germs and smells that common cleaning supplies are simply not able to handle.

        How GermLogic Can Help

         GermLogic offers sanitizing solutions for athletic facilities in and around major Texas cities including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. We use modern disinfecting solutions that provide surface resistance to bacteria, viruses, fungi and more for months. From air to surface to hands, GermLogic has you covered. Our solutions destroy microbes mechanically and prevent breeding of superbugs while protecting against 99.99 percent of common illness-causing pathogens for up to 90 days.

        Athletic facilities are a beacon for health, not disease. Keeping people safe from viruses and bacteria extends this healthy reputation. GermLogic offers an affordable, comprehensive solution that keeps athletes, clients and members healthy.

        Our advanced technology is NIDS certified and we have years of experience working with athletic facilities including a large contract with the University of Texas in Austin’s athletic facilities. Contact us today to learn how we decontaminate your athletic facilities.

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        Our Services and Solutions


        • Safe, EPA- approved disinfectants that don’t spread harmful chemicals through the air
        • Air purifiers remove up to 99.97 percent of illness causing germs, pollutants, odors and allergens from the air
        • UVC HVAC sanitation uses ultra-violet light to sanitize the air of microbes
        • Thermal heat remediation and UVC sanitation can be used to destroy pathogens in the air without the application of chemicals


        • Odor-eliminating and germ-fighting spray for large facility surface treatment
        • Hand application products for smaller areas
        • RTU spray solutions provide long -lasting protection against bacteria and viruses
        • UVC uses ultra-violet light to sanitize surfaces of microbes include Salmonella and HIV
        • Heat remediation gets rid of MRSA, E. Coli, mold, viruses and bacteria using exposure to high temperatures
        • BioLogic products provide long-lasting surface protection from bacteria and viruses for up to 90 days eliminating the need for daily chemical disinfectants
        • Regular, facility-wide treatments


        • Moisturizing, antiseptic lotions provide long-lasting protection against illness-causing bacteria and viruses for up to six hours
        • Sanitizers and surgical scrubs protect hands for extended periods


        Significant benefits for a wide array of industries.

        GermLogic™ is a division of Pest Management, Inc., a family-owned company that has been serving customers since 1957. We are dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology to keep environments clean and are proudly NIDS Certified.

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