Facility Disinfection Services in Austin, Texas

Facility disinfection Texas

GermLogic is an Austin, Texas based company providing comprehensive solutions for facility
. Regardless of size or scale, GermLogic is capable of offering these services to a multitude of
different industries, including but not limited to the medical industry, restaurants, schools, sports and
fitness facilities
, homes and assisted living communities.

There is only one thing that each of these industries have in common; the desire to have a safe,
clean space to operate in. This is where GermLogic comes in.

Since day 1, GermLogic has been focused on offering cleaning and disinfection services at the
highest quality level in Austin, Texas and now in the entire Southeastern portion of the United

Germ Logic’s comprehensive range of services tackle sanitation and disinfection at three stages
– air, surface and hands. The purpose of GermLogic’s services is to destroy pathogenic germs,
viruses, bacteria and fungi, and provide the ultra-clean facility that customers deserve.
Let’s start with hands. Remember when you were little and your parents always told you to
wash your hands before dinner? Well, sorry to break it to you, but they actually had some good
reasoning for why they told you to do so. Germs can survive on your hands for up to three
hours, with up to 10 million bacteria only on your fingertips. When you fail to wash your hands,
you transfer germs to the food and drinks you ingest, ultimately resulting in the congestion of
said germs and bacteria. GermLogic is here to combat this issue by providing hand sanitizer that
works on 99.99% of germs and lasts for up to four hours – double the industry standard for
hand sanitizer. GermLogic is focused on hands, surface and air. This GermLogic product solves
one of those three areas, but what about the rest?

Surfaces are inherently infested when it comes to germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Have you
ever heard that the bathroom door handle has 10x the germs than the toilet seat? Well, that
that’s true, too. Surface contamination is a serious issue because people carrying germs
transfer them onto surfaces. Often times these surfaces are touched by many, leaving a colony
of germs on the surface, ready to be ingested by the next victim who touches the surface. Germ
Logic has an answer to this. Both at the commercial scale and residential scale, GermLogic has
the ability to disinfect surfaces at a fast pace. GermLogic has the equipment, products and
experience to combat these surface contaminates successfully with ease.

But what about the air between our hands and surfaces? Airborne contaminates are the most
likely contaminates to enter your body and stay there. GermLogic has a solution for this as
well, and technology is the key. GermLogic’s AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers offer occupants in the room with the purifier the opportunity to breathe in air that’s virtually free of airborne
contaminates. The system recycles air through different levels of filters in order to provide
clean air for the room it is located in.

Focusing on hands, surface and air, GermLogic is proven in the disinfection industry in Austin,
Texas and surrounding areas. It has the ability to disinfect these three stages of germs, viruses,
bacteria and fungi incredibly well due to their technology and know-how regarding disinfection

GermLogic is the expert in the disinfection industry and will continue to focus on medical,
restaurants, schools, sports and fitness, residential and assisted living industries to provide safe
and clean environments.

Want to learn more about GermLogic and our solutions as the leader in the disinfection
industry? Contact us today and learn from our disinfection experts.

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Facility Disinfection Services in Austin, Texas

Facility disinfection Texas