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Turning Up the Heat on Food Industry Safety

For those in the foodservice industry, the safety, freshness and deliciousness of their products is always a concern. This applies to large and small-scale food manufacturers, farmers, distributors that ship around the nation, small, local restaurateurs and everyone in between. But recent multistate outbreaks of foodborne illnesses are causing increased pressure on the food industry …

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Environmental Disinfection Certification

Large scale environmental clean-up and disinfection in areas of disease concern, foodborne and other outbreaks, animal waste, and other public health hazards is in high demand across the country. Foodborne outbreaks are especially common and resulted in 16 deaths in 2013. Food, water, sanitation facilities, and climate are all environmental factors that can contribute to the spread …

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Zapping Germs Before They Become Serious Illness

Where Are Germs and “Superbugs” Found? Microbes like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and algae grow in all types of environments. They infest our world every day and form in the air, on surfaces, and on hands. Proper cleaning and sanitizing is essential to rid public facilities and your home of these contagious germs. It’s challenging enough …

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